Our Mission at FFBC

— Our Story —

Our history with physical training in Sandy, UT dates back to 1999. That’s 20 years of devotion towards health & fitness. Out of this passion, we founded Freedom Fitness Boot Camp (FFBC). Our doors officially opened on January 2, 2014 and we absolutely love what we do.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a safe training space where our members feel their value, move at their own pace, and care for themselves like nobody else can which in turn develops healthy bodies, hearts, and minds.

We developed a Boot Camp training program that can be modified to fit any fitness level. Along the way, we encountered amazing people seeking a sustainable fitness program where they could genuinely experience lasting results. Something that they could incorporate into their daily lives and look forward to every day. We developed a deep sense of responsibility for this cause and determined that FFBC would be their environment to stimulate and support long-term fitness.

Today, we’re tremendously humbled by the welcoming health and fitness community we’ve cultivated. Our members continue to inspire us daily. They continue to reinforce our decision to do what we do. We are a family.

— Our Leadership —

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Samantha Dolato



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Donnovan Dolato



— Our Philosophy —

We believe in building healthy bodies, hearts, and minds. To us, a healthy fitness regiment is an integral component towards that objective. We view this as a lifelong goal and we don’t believe in short-term fixes. We celebrate the “small wins” just as much as the “big wins” especially if it means a new positive habit is formed.

  • We’re realistic about life and its various demands - hence our 30-minute sessions

  • We’re mindful of fitness levels and injuries - hence our exercise modifications and on-site training staff

  • We’re eager to delight our members - hence our variety in training routines to keep things interesting

What Do You Think?

Thanks for getting to know us a little better. Now, we’d love to get to know you; after all, you are the hero in this story. We can’t wait to be a part of your long-term fitness success. Let Us Know If You Have Any Questions. Or, if you’d like to look around a bit more, here’s some helpful pages worth viewing to learn more about us: