What To Expect

Membership At Freedom Fitness Boot Camp

We offer memberships for those who want continued access to our 30-minute training sessions. Yes, we also run amazing transformation challenges, but we love helping individuals achieve and sustain long-term, fitness and health goals. We get it though… starting something new can be a bit daunting. Here, we hope to “pull back the curtain” so you can become familiar with what it is like to train with us. Keep scrolling for a detailed summary.


Curious to see what it’s really like?


Welcoming Environment

All Fitness levels are welcome

enjoy a friendly space

Lean into our support group


It may sound cheesy, but our welcoming environment truly is one of the best qualities you can look forward to. As you walk through our doors, you’ll be surrounded by a support group that is eager to see you succeed. This culture permeates throughout our facility, from our coaches to each of our members. We welcome all fitness levels.



30 Min. Sessions

Fresh daily workouts

certified training

state-of-the-art equipment


You can expect 30 Minute Sessions of high intensity interval training. Each weekday, you’ll show up at a 30 minute time slot that best fits your schedule. We have sessions during the mornings for the early birds as well as in the afternoons/evenings for the “non-morning” folks. Make sure to review our business hours for the latest time slots available.

The workout routines are uniquely designed every day. We keep things fun, engaging, and challenging - something you’ll look forward to every day. You’ll find yourself checking in on our social media feeds for the most recently designed workout routines. There’s definitely some excitement over what will show up on the exercise whiteboard.

Attendees organize into exercise stations that challenge certain muscle groups for a given amount of time. The goal is to maximize effort and maintain good form right until the timer runs out. After a short few-second break, groups rotate to the next station for the next challenge! As you focus on breathing and exercising, our coaches will ensure you maintain good form during the movements. Coaches will quickly gauge your fitness level and adjust your training accordingly - whether modifying moves to prevent injury or to intensify the burn!


A Glimpse of Our Workout Sessions



Train With Purpose

Build Confidence

Tighten Core | Burn Fat | Strengthen Muscle

Reach Goals


You can expect to train with a purpose in mind. As our coaches design daily workouts, they think about real life factors like posture, form, desk jobs, injuries, limitations, improvement goals, etc. You can rest assured that work out routines are designed with various considerations for the group and for individuals. Training for life is our primary focus.

This methodology comes with certain exercises and routines that you may not be familiar with - and that is completely okay. We’re here to coach you along the way. We’ll target muscle groups in unique and creative ways that may also challenge your mind.

It is common for attendees to experience a certain degree of muscle soreness. This tends to be most common during the initial weeks of training and gradually subsides with continued training.



Helpful Next Steps

Now that you know more about what to expect as a member, here are some additional pages to help you decide if FFBC is for you!


Ready To Try It Out?

If you’re feeling good about what you see so far, perhaps it’s time to take the next step. Come in for a free 3-Day trial and see what you think. We’re excited to get to know you and can’t wait to help you reach your fitness goals. Simply give us your Name, Email, and Phone to get started!